We Are The Music Makers

Johann Theo (usually just “Theo”) produces music and games under the alias treehann. He has been immersed in music—particularly electronic music—since early childhood, and has published compositions on the web since 2009. His style is influenced by modern producers (Ivy Lab, Lone, Submerse), 19th century pioneers (Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk), video game composers (Disasterpeace, Nifflas, 4mat), as well as math rock and jazz fusion acts (Covet, BadBadNotGood). Having composed background music for several games published by other developers, and having caught the ear of some prominent names including Christian Valentin (Virtual Riot) and Owen Ferguson (Owsey), Theo is dedicated to improving his production and is well on his way to establishing a dual-foothold in game audio and active-listening electronica.