AUDIODAEMONS FAQ, contingencies

Q: Why are you doing this project?
A: I’ve personally listened to nearly every electronic music genre imaginable from pure noise to pigcore. In both my own music releases as DreaMeter and in NFTs, I want to create unique types of compositions that bring intrigue back into music listening.

Q: Why are the 10 NFT parts pay-what-you-want?
A: I’m more interested in getting a unique project off the ground than I am about payment. I also am a big fan of this payment model from Bandcamp.

Q: What guarantee do I (participant) have that you (Theo) will uphold your ends of this project?
A: I’m going ALL-IN on music in my life, so if I screwed someone over, it would spell the end of the road for my creative pursuits, which would by all means kill my spirit. I’m not letting that happen. Plus I have an optional short agreement participants can sign if they want to keep me legally on the hook for the 5% royalty I mentioned in the main brief.

Q: What are participants expected to do again?
A: Participants (the AUDIODAEMONS themselves) are those whose bids on individual NFT parts of the project were accepted. If you are a participant, you are expected to send me (Theo) your musical command that matches the NFT part. The best way to do this is via the form contained in the unlockable materials of the NFT part, ensuring that the actual buyer is the one delivering the command. After that, I would love it if you followed me and the project to see the updates! I will be posting them on my Twitter and my DMs are always open if you have other questions.

Q: How much control do participants have vs. you (Theo) over the music?
A: I will be following the commands of the participants (the AUDIODAEMONS) precisely, but I will still be infusing my own style (examples here) into the track. It’s important for me when making music to have fun (this project is VERY fun for me) and also to enjoy what I’m listening to. During production I will be running WIPs by friends who are more experienced than me, without giving them file access, in order to create the most polished result that I can.

Q: Your thoughts on anonymity as it relates to AUDIODAEMONS?
A: I value anonymity highly as a concept in web 3.0 and the crypto space, but it’s not a part of this project. I’m expecting participants at the very least to communicate openly with me, if not communicate on social media as well. It helps greatly to be able to connect with you.

Q: What if you have a buyer who refuses to communicate? Won’t that mess up the whole process?
A: Yes, if a participant refuses to work as an AUDIODAEMON, by refusing to command me musically within 48 hours of bids being accepted, then I will consider passing them over for someone else more interested in communicating. I will reach out to the next most recent bidder or other party who expresses interest, and they will take over from the original participant.

Q: What’s your plan for one person bidding on every NFT part?
A: I’m waiting for 10 individual participants for this project. So if one person bids on all 10 parts for example, I’m only going to be accepting their first bid on the first part. I’ll reach out to them if possible to make sure they understand the guidelines and have picked the right part that they want.

Q: What will you do if a participant is communicative but they are breaking the restrictions of their respective NFT part? (i.e. using the “NAME” part for harassment)?
A: If this occurs, I will try to reason with the participant, but if that fails, they will be replaced in the same manner as a 100%-uncommunicative bidder.

Q: What if I buy a part and then someone else bids on it? May I resell it?
A: Yes, you may. Hopefully the new owner will be familiar with the guidelines of AUDIODAEMONS though! (You are also free to transfer the NFT if you want to.)

Q: Where did you get this idea?
A: I’m inspired by Jacob Collier’s IHARMU, Help Stu Be Like You, and computer-generative composers like Autechre. I’ve also had the idea floating in my head for a while of mixing user-input ingredients together to create a musical piece. NFTs seemed like the perfect medium to try it.