AUDIODAEMONS is a collaborative experiment to reinvent the music creation process.  In computing, daemons are background processes that affect the system.  By participating in this project, you will be an AUDIODAEMON who provides unique input into a chimera-like, experimental electronic music composition.

Each NFT below represents part of a final music product. They are pay-what-you-want: I will accept any bid. However, I am trying to find 10 different collaborators, so please choose your part carefully; you can only claim one. Claiming a part means I must follow your musical command which corresponds to that part.

After all 10 parts are claimed, I will complete the track within 2 weeks and mint it on Foundation. When the final music is sold, each AUDIODAEMON will be sent 5% of the first sale and will receive dry stems of the track (remixes encouraged).

Browse the 10 parts below. Decide which part you would like to control, then click its image or link to navigate to OpenSea and make a bid to claim it. You will find a contact form in the NFT’s unlockable content. With the exception of NAME and ART, AUDIODAEMONS should fill out the form within 48 hours of bidding closure.

AUDIODAEMONS is complete! The song NFT “No False Prophecy” is live!

TEMPO: Command the pace of the track.

Restrictions: Between 50 and 200 bpm.

Owner: Sacrificial Pancakes
Command: 90 bpm

TIMESIG: Command the time signature of the track.

Restrictions: Rational time signatures only (bottom half must be a power of two)

Owner: Be
Command: 3/4

CHORDS: Command certain chords or a chord progression to be included in the track.

Command: Dmaj7, C#m7, C#7, F#m7 (third inversion), Dmaj7, C#m7, C#7add11, F#m7

SAMPLE: Command a sample (recorded sound) of your choice to be included in the track in a prominent way.

Restrictions: The sample must be cleared for commercial use.

Owner: Vishesh Chopra
Command: (sample sent)

PERC: Command a type of sound or sample of your choice to be used specifically as percussion in the drum beat.

Restrictions: Same as SAMPLE.

Owner: Chaso
Command: (snare sample sent)

LYRIC: Command a word or phrase to be used in the track. Providing a recording is optional; I am friends with singers who can assist this part.

Restrictions: The lyric must not contain slurs or harassment.

Owner: Weinbagz
Performer: Kae Gabrielle
Command: “Let’s take a trip, let’s take a ride, let’s take a drive, to the moon”

INST: Command an instrument to be used in the track. The result may be synthesized or sampled, but I will seek out performers if it’s manageable.

Owner: Woadus
Command: Flugelhorn

REF: Command any already-released track in any genre (e.g. your favorite song) to be used as a reference track. I must borrow ideas (mix, arrangement, composition, etc.) to use in the AUDIODAEMONS track.

Owner: Cryptobarman
Command: Kid Cudi – Dive

NAME: Command the final name of the track which will appear on Foundation. Literally call it whatever you want — even market yourself! — minding restrictions.

Restrictions: No links, slurs, or harassment.

Owner: BrokenBlythe/AudiusMalone
Command: “No False Prophecy”

ART: Command the final cover art (or video, if you’re feeling ambitious) of the track. You have complete creative control, minding restrictions.

Restrictions: No egregiously offensive content (this will be arbitrated by the community in process).

Owner: Dr.Datamosh
Command: (In progress)

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See also: FAQ & contingencies

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